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10 most asked questions on the Laidback Luke forum answered

The Laidback Luke forum is in my opinion the holy grail of production knowledge on the internet. If you’re serious about music production you should be on there and definitely check out the Production skills, tips, tricks and techniques.

Unfortunately a lot of people don’t take the time to read the topic before asking their question so a lot of questions are asked (and answered) over and over again.

So that’s why I decided to analyze the most asked questions from the last 6 months and answer them in this article.

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Setting up your artist website, domain and e-mail (Part II)

In Part I we’ve registered a domain and web hosting and now we’re finally going to do something with it. I’m going to show you how to setup email accounts for your domain in this part.

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Facebook Production Q&A with Jebu (and Ivan Gough)

Melbourne-based producer Jebu decided to do a production Q&A for his Facebook fans yesterday. There are some great take aways for upcoming producers that you can implement in your productions right away!

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Setting up your artist website, domain and e-mail (Part I)

In this three part series I will explain how to set up your own web presence without any technical knowledge. Read on to find out why and whether you need a website!
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Where to start?

When you sign up for my e-mail list you receive a message where I’m asking you where you are struggling with at this moment. By far the number one answer is: I don’t know where to start! Where to start?

This is a difficult question to answer, but I do my best in this article.

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